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GROHE Blue Activated carbon filter
Article number 40547001
EAN code 4005176984099
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  • BWT zamjenski filtar za GROHE Blue sustavza vodu

  • u područjima s vodom tvrdoće do 9° dKH
  • Kapacitet 3000 L
  • smanjuje tvari odgovorne za okus i miris, na primjer klor

  • kompatibilan s GROHE Blue Home, GROHE Blue Professional i GROHE Blue Pure



What does the filter do?

Why is this filtration important?

+ PERFECT TASTE Activated carbon filtration removes all unpleasant taste and odor.
- PARTICLES Rough particles (e.g. sand and dirt).
The filter protects drinking water systems and increases durability.
- CHLORINE Chlorine is an unpleasant substance that has negative impact on water's natural pure taste.