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The governments of several European countries are currently taking various containment measures to stop the spread of COVID-19. These restrictions represent a particular challenge for us and our parcel service providers. Despite the current challenges, we can continue to serve our customers as usual.
However, currently various circumstances may lead to delays in transport. For example, new border controls, flight cancellations, local protection regulations and quarantine measures may affect the service. Within countries, some deliveries may not be possible due to closed shops or businesses, or restrictions in various zip codes. A full and up-to-date overview can be found here.
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GROHE Blue Refill 425 g CO2 bottles (4 pieces)
Article number 40687000
EAN code 4005176981838
Availability In Stock

35,49 €

incl. VAT  plus shipping costs
If you order our CO2-bottles for the first time, instead of this article you initially have to buy the GROHE Blue Starterset (article no. 40422000). If you order several refill sets send us all empty bottles together within one month after placing the order.

Free shipping on orders above €49

Shipping cost on orders below €49 is €4,95

GROHE Blue Refill containing 4 x CO2 bottles, for use with a GROHE Blue system – stock up on filtered and sparkling table water

  • carbondioxid from natural sources for food and beverage (E290)
  • purity: CO2 99.9 % v/v min.
  • volume 1 bottle: 425 g, for up to 60 l of sparkling water
  • This product is a hazardous substance. Find more information in the safety data sheet. You can download the safety data at: www.grohe.com/safety-data-sheets/

425 g CO2 Refill Process

Why is the refill set cheaper than the starter set?

It’s cheaper because you are only paying for the bottle content (CO2). You are not paying for the bottles.

This means that you need to have empty Grohe CO2 bottles to order new refill sets. You have to send us four empty bottles for every new refill set you order (e.g. four empty CO2 bottles for one new refill set; eight empty CO2 bottles for 2 new refill sets, etc.).  We will give you a free shipment label to return the bottles to us via UPS. The label will be sent with your order confirmation (PDF).
As soon as we received your empty bottles, we release your order immediately

Five steps to get your CO2 bottles refilled