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Frequently asked questions
GROHE Blue 425 g CO2 Bottles

Why is the starter kit much more expensive?

You are buying the CO2 bottle (+valve) and the gas inside! You own the bottle, making refills much easier and more convenient.

How many bottles do I need?

As you have one 425 g CO2 bottle within the GROHE Blue Starter kit that you bought, you have to buy one 425 g CO2 Starter kit (40 422 000), which includes four full bottles. In total you will have five CO2 bottles. Once four bottles are empty and the fifth bottle is in use, you can order a 425 g CO2 refill (40 687 000) from the GROHE webshop.

Where and how can I dispose the CO2 bottle?

Don‘t put the CO2 bottle in your normal house waste. Instead take it to a specialist for waste management or back to GROHE. Please note GROHE will refund any money for any costs you may incur in returning the bottle.

How much sparkling water can I get with one 425 g CO2 bottle?

Up to 60 litres - it depends on whether you are drinking medium or full sparkling water.

Does the CO2 bottle have to be completely empty before sending back to GROHE by UPS?

No, a maximum of 2 bar pressure can remain in the CO2 bottle. The return shippment of the 425 g CO2 bottles is only possible by UPS!

How does the refill process works?

Once four bottles are empty and the fifth bottle is in use, you can order a 425 g CO2 refill (40687000) from the GROHE web shop. The web shop will send a pre-paid return label to you via email. You have to print out the return label and stick it on the existing UPS label. You also have to stick the refill sticker (Sent with the Starter kit or with the last refill at the delivery note) directly on the diamond symbol. Please ensure that the diamond symbol (UN 1013) is completely covered. Locate your nearest UPS branch and drop off your parcel for free. The package will be delivered to GROHE and GROHE send a refilled CO2 bottle package back to you.


Enkel påfyllning av CO2 flaskor


När måste jag byta filter?

Filtret måste bytas minst var 12 månad, eller när det tar slut. En LED display på blandarens vänstra handtag gör det enkelt för dig att veta när filtrets kapacitet börjar bli lågt. Ett blinkande ljus visar när kapaciteten är under 10%  och ett blinkade ljus i orange visar när det återstår endast 1% vilket betyder att filterbehållaren måste bytas.

Vart kan jag slänga filtret?

Filtret kan slängas som vanligt plast.

Hur byter jag filtret?

Filtret kan enkelt bytas genom att skruva ut det och sedan skruva på det nya filtret. Du behöver inte ens stänga av vattentillförseln.

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