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Ultimate water safety
and no microplastic

with our
UltraSafe Filter
GROHE Blue UltraSafe Filter
Article number 40575001
EAN code 4005176385766
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  • filtru de schimb pentru GROHE Blue UltraSafe
  • filtru de schimb BWT pentru sistemele GROHE Blue
  • filter capacity maximum 3000 l or 6 months
  • retains microplastic > 1 µm and 99.999 % of bacteria
  • reduces substances responsible for taste and odor, e.g. chlorine
  • compatible with GROHE Blue Home, GROHE Blue Professional and GROHE Blue Pure (only with flow meter)



What does the filter do?

Why is this filtration important?

+ OPTIMIZED TASTE Activated carbon filtration reduces substances responsible for taste and odor.
- BACTERIA Unhealthy bacteria cause diseases and are risky to a humans health
- MICROPLASTIC The effect of microplastic to a human body is yet unclear but might cause diseases
- PARTICLES Rough particles (e.g. sand and dirt).
The filter protects drinking water systems and increases durability.
- CHLORINE Chlorine is an unpleasant substance that has negative impact on water's natural pure taste.